just a minute in... may

aghhhhh i have been busy busy busy!

♥ feeling... sad about leaving our apartment for 4 years, but excited (and exhausted) about moving to new place.

♥ going... to semi permanent wooh!

♥ listening... to kimbra as a warm up before her gig next week.

♥ buying... a few new clothes from asos.

♥ drinking... T2's madagascan vanilla tea.

♥ reading... peter pan. a childhood fave but i've never actually read the original J.M.Barrie's novel before.

♥ booking... india trip for july!!! any suggestions, advice, tips and tricks please drop me a line, thank you!


  1. Peter Pan is my all time favourite book! my boyfriend bought me a lovely vintage hard-back copy for Christmas. I hope you're enjoying it, I find it strangely sad x

  2. I absolutely love Kimbra, slightly envious that you're getting to see her! I've heard only good things though.

    Asos is always the way to go for new clothes :)


  3. Can't wait to see your new place!!! It must be nicer than the previous :). New decoration, new neighbour, new adventure?
    Regarding India, I've never been there but I'm sure that you won't get bored there.

  4. Oh, I love this song ~ it always make me want to get up and dance.

  5. India! How exciting!!
    Gah I feel the pain of moving. The worst part for me is that I don't have anywhere to go to yet!

  6. I wish I was moving! I'm so tired of my current place (also almost four years - I think it's too long for me). I am envying your little round up in this post. Shopping, travel, and all that jazz...sigh.
    By the way India is crazy! I was so culture shocked I didnt realise it (although it probably had more to do with travelling with BOTH my parents who had been divorced 14 years at the time). After I left I really missed it. Just make sure you are ready to push through crowds. I think I was shocked because in Indonesia people are a lot more polite and less in your face than the experience I had in India. But still amazing nonetheless.

  7. I looove Kimbra!!!!
    this music video is so good!


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