march challenge part 2

it's the 1st of april and that means the march challenge to do something different everyday finished yesterday! sharing the second part of how i went with the challenge:

day 16: a little design project that i've prepared for you *hint hint*
day 17: the discovery of this amazing japanese shop daiso. it. was. amazing!
day 18: quite liking strongbow, this new cider i tried 
day 19: plait hair overnight, but my hair is so straight, the next morning it all went back to straight within less than an hour..
day 20: bought peter pan! one of my faves from old childhood love. i've only read the children book version with pictures, and it was even a translation version. just about time to read the original novel.
day 21: played sudoku on the train home instead of browsing on my iphone. i couldn't finish the game, it was too hard..
day 22: the future sound of yoga, which was a 2 hour yoga session at a church with a 15 mins free style dancing, it was crazy weird and hillarious.
day 23: my first ever bingo night, it was super fast and stressful with all these very competitive (majority) older women. oh, and i didn't win, but it's okay because it was a lot of fun!
day 24: cleaned up my inbox by unsubscribing to a lot of newsletters. i felt so much better afterwards!
day 25: face pampering at home with mud mask and exfoliant. 
day 26: expenses, expenses... time to track my spending. i'm still doing this by the way, but only when i remember! i need to make this a new habit and put expenses in regularly. (the same with my calories counting app, sigh!)
day 27: discovery of new music active child, a bit of a different genre from the music that i normally listen to, very calming and soothing.
day 28: being a kid and had ginger cookies and milk for a late night snack hehe..
day 29: my first ever music instrument! if anyone has any good sites or videos about basic ukulele tutorial to recommend please send to me!
day 30: ordered different coffee macchiato. not something i would have everyday but i quite like it.
day 31: printing with solarplate workshop. don't really like how mine turned out but it was really fun. 

my conclusions from doing this challenge? stay tuned for my next post with little freebies :) 
enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Wow! You did it, congratulation! It's cool to see all the pictures, allow me to know a little bit more of you.

  2. Great that you did it! I tried for a week and then....

  3. It's so lovely that you're doing this Laura, I wish I had more time these days to participate in such things too.


    have fun!


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