just a minute... in april

♥ reading... suzanne collins'. just finished the 2 books and about to mockingjay. so good! 

♥ planning... to go back to the gym, now that i'm feeling better. going to be hard to go back to the routine.

♥ listening... to oscar + martin

♥ eating... spicy lentil soup from the falconer.

♥ loving... photoshop tutorials at puglypixel. inspiring.

♥ watching... game of thrones. only up to season 1... so no spoiler please.

photo by chrissie white 


  1. i loved all the hunger games books ~ i read them all recently (i finished off the last two within 4 days) but now i feel like i can't read anything to serious for a while.
    oh, and game of thrones is amazing! i'm waiting to watch season 2 with my friends ~ are you planning to read the books?

  2. Just finished the first two books as well! I haven't begun reading the third. Gotta take a break from reading non-stop. Ha ha! Good luck with the exercise !

  3. check out Mountain Man - Sewee Sewee, you will like!

  4. I absolutely love The Hunger Games - you'll love Mockingjay. Some people say it's not as great as the first two books, but it really is amazing. Love the characters. Your picture totally reminds me of the book as well.

  5. Loved Game of Thrones I'm in Season 2. I think you will be fine getting back into your gym routine, just go slow at first and pace yourself. Be sure to let us know whats your take on Game Of Thrones.
    Love Lisa x

  6. I love Game of Thrones, the book series is amazing!
    I adore your blog, I've read through it and currently have loads of tabs open. Very inspiring.



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