healthy may

join: healthy may challenge started by amanda from here comes the sun

on march i was setting myself up a goal to do something different every day for the whole month, and blogging about it publicly seems to give me more pressure motivations to keep up with it till the end of the month. next month (that's tomorrow!) i'm going to once again challenged myself for something else: to join in healthy may

i understand that health and fitness is quite off topic from what i normally blog about so i would like to keep the updates on this challenge separate from my blog. but if you're interested, i'll be updating my twitter and instagram. oh, and my fitness pal username is lauratj (don't judge my embarrassing and inconsistent updates on my food intake in the past!)

find out all about healthy may here. yes. i can do this. 

*photo by julian bialowas*


  1. Hey! Found your site through Amanda's blog - doing the same thing, and also love your blog so now am following! I think this is a great way to find blogs with the same goals. :)

    Olivia xx

  2. love this kind of picture, mostly the color.


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