anthony zinonos

see: paper collage by anthony zinonos, based in norwich, uk.

i'm liking the bright bold colours combo with the vintage photos.

+++ on a side note +++

i'm sorry i have been quite slow and behind at blogging and reading other blogs, i've been so busy lately! how are you all? i've also been thinking about a quick and efficient way to respond to your comments. can you please give me a feedback, which one do you prefer? much appreciated, thanks heaps!

- a bulk of replies that i've previously done on my blog posts?
- a personalised response e.g. via email if you put your email address in?
- or via standard blog comments?


  1. oh what fun the pieces are!

  2. I'm liking it too. Have a great week.

    Lisa x

  3. i'm really liking his work :D

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  4. Loving these collages!
    Email please.

  5. I've been the same. I've been feeling bad for neglecting my blog for the past few weeks... but don't worry about it, sometimes life happens and a blog break can be good :)

    I've been really bad at replying to comments myself, so I wouldn't be much help!

    hope you're well xx

  6. These are lovely, I have such a thing for vintage photographs. Lots of junk to sift to find good stuff though. In terms of replying, I don't think blogger sends emails out when you get a reply on a comment you leave (which is a flaw I think!) so I tend to comment on peoples' own blogs, or tweet them or something :)

  7. Love these paper cuts! Reminds me of the Matisse exhibition which is on in Paris (Centre Georges Pompidou) right now. At the end of it, you can see some paper cut artworks. Very good exhibition if anyone goes to Paris :)

    Are you able to comment on individual comments with Blogger? Otherwise you can install Disqus which allows you to do so. It's what is installed on Three Kittens. You can play with it if you want ;-)
    Otherwise, maybe do a global comment at the bottom of the comments. The problem with that is that probably noone will see it.
    What you did earlier was good, because followers of your blog would see the comments when reading the next post, but the problem was that I didn't always remember what I had written, so had to go back to the previous post to check what you were replying to, and that wasn't always very convenient.
    Maybe the first option is the best then: comment directly on each comment...
    And if you feel like doing something more personal, then you can email the person.
    Sorry for the long comment, I was just writing what I was thinking out loud in my kitchen ;-)
    Good luck anyway!


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