see: geometric prints at online shop soti

soti is an acronym for "something from the internet" found by evonne bellefleur, a painter and photographer based in canada. 

love these prints, i found them really calming and soothing. maybe it's the colour palettes, or maybe it's my current obsession with geometric objects. pastel geometrics is the new zen?


@tracey: glad you've been enjoying the challenge tracey! hope this challenge brings goodness to everyone joining in!

@bere: can i just tell you how i love your project! thanks for sharing the link, looks like i have something to prepare for my next post ;)


  1. Oh so cool! Wow! I'm so obsessed with soti now! They have such cool things there!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. These look amazing, Laura. great find as usual.


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