march challenge update

hi everyone, it's weekend again and mid march is gone already! how are you all going with march challenge to do something different every day for the whole month? i hope you are all enjoying it and still feel inspired to continue on until the rest of the month. 

today i would love to give a shout out to other bloggers who have been doing this challenge:

▲ illana from see me everywhere who has also designed this pretty wallpaper as a part of the challenge. download for FREE here.

▲ tracey from quiet paws, you can also follow her updates at instagram @tracey_sargent.

▲ my dear friend jodeska, who i would like to congratulate for buying a new iphone hahaha... no, but honestly, that little apple gadget really changed my life!

and now my turn to share my progress (bottom to top):

day 1: environmental day. i used my keepcup that i have abandoned for i don't know how long.
day 2: tried new place to eat at walsh bay firefly.
day 3: sydney bloggers brunch with jomariajordan and melanie. nice to catch up with you all!
day 4: relaunched my portfolio site
day 5: went to bed earlier! i really need to do this more often and be a bit more kind to my own body...
day 6: calorie counting day. oh dear, i'm so hopeless with sticking to the amount that i'm supposed to eat. but at least now i know how much overeating i am!
day 7: computer & gadgets all switched off, it's time for magazines.
day 8: signed up pledge for kony2012 and thought i could somewhat help to make a difference. but then i read this, and now i don't really know where all this campaign is going :( does anyone have any thoughts about this?
day 9: explored new suburb rozelle for art month sydney.
day 10: i've never tried kangaroo or crocodile meat before. well now i have. the australian hotel made good pizzas.
day 11: new ring! i have decided that this is the start of my triangle objects collection.
day 12: wear my sister's bright bright green nail polish. instagram filter actually makes it look a lot softer than what it is. i had to take this off after 3 days because i'm not used to wearing such a bright colour.
day 13: reading new book. still half way through and it's been really good but such a sad sad story.
day 14: stairs instead of lift. just trying to be a little bit more active!
day 15: i went to body balance class at lunch break without anyone dragging me down to the gym. i actually felt really good afterwards and i'm proud of myself!

that is all from me, you can follow my regular daily updates on instagram

if you've only read about this challenge, there are still 2 weeks to go so do feel free to join in! if you're updating using social media, don't forget to tag #different march on your posts. if you are already doing this, leave me your link so that i can check out yours?

stay inspired and make the most of this challenge to however you'd like to steer it. have a great weekend!


  1. Loved your update post Laura ... and thanks for the link love. I love the diversity in all your different things ...

    Let me tell you again how much I'm enjoying this challenge ... it's exactly what I needed to break me out of a funky February! :)

  2. This is such a neat project. I just came across it, and may need to do an April challenge for myself. I adore your choice of blog content.

  3. hello!

    loving the different march challenge!



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