just a minute... in march

♥ loving... a letter from floddertje (but australia post took dried flowers from the letter grrr!)

♥ eating... wilbur's place. highly recommended for you sydneysiders!

♥ listening... shuffle by bombay bicycle club. they start to grow on me, too bad their gig in sydney is already sold out :\

♥ playing... draw something. latest game installed on iphone, so addictive.

♥ going... sydney bloggers meet up with jo, jordan, maria and mel. nice to finally meet you all ladies!

♥ thinking... of renaming and rebranding my blog. not immediately though, just a thought.

so yes, regarding my last point, i discovered this band today when i googled "see hear say". instead of anywhere else in the world, they surprisingly come from melbourne! their music isn't too bad btw, but i don't know how i feel about having the same name as the band. am i making too big deal out of this? i just don't really want to be associated to something completely different.

+++ on a side note +++

i've updated my post about march challenge: do something different everyday. if you're using social media platforms for this challenge, can you please tag #differentmarch instead of #marchchallenge so we can see each other's updates narrowed down specifically for this challenge. thanks :)


@puspa: me too!

@sarah: i love good unexpected surprises :) let me know what you think once you've watch this!

@hanna: i actually didn't use to watch ER so i don't know who elizabeth was! :)

@ana maria: yay glad you're joining too!

@galit @bonjour juliette: thanks so much for your suggestion, brilliant idea!

@tabitha: i saw your post and your instagram too! hope hanoi is treating you well tabitha!!


  1. I love the 'do something different everyday' challenge! That's such a great idea. I might hop on board as well ;)

  2. Aww, too bad about the flowers. Although it's always sort of funny when a letter comes with all of these stickers and notifications.

  3. I DO LOVE YOUR BLOG. do you remember me? you posted some pictures from me last year I thinK. I think we are contacts on flickr :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/rottenrainbowphotography/<3

  4. Oh wow, I adore letters but sadly dont often recieve them and yay to seeing other sydney bloggers! I walk through Sydney city sometimes and think you guys must be out there getting inspired too

    Bright Green Laces

  5. what a lovely package.
    yeah, they took away a little pot-pourri sachet i sent a friend in usa. do they not realise the importance of sweet scents?

    ok, 3rd try with WV, double ugh

  6. hmm, you're not making too much out of it - a blog is such a personal thing, I understand the need to not have it associated with something else. But, it's completely up to you, and I'd love your blog either way :)

    p.s. oh yes, dried flowers are so dangerous! Not. I was allowed to keep my dried flowers from Yorkshire when I returned to Australia, I can't imagine why they would take yours.

  7. I always love receiving a package. and those package are so cute!
    I love bombay bicycle club too, you really should see them live. They're sounds better live, I just watched them back in February.
    It's been awhile I'm away from blog and your blog still inspired me and making me smile :)


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