buy: cool products by lufdesign, a design company based in korea.

i like their take on creativity and practicality.

+++ on a side note +++

we have now created a facebook page for our Half/Half project. please follow us to see in store and other updates! thanks and hope you all have had a nice weekend :)


@tracey: thanks tracey :) btw we saw your testimonial on the skirts at our etsy shop, glad they arrived safely in your hands. thanks again for your support!

@hanna: no i haven't but i'm about to look it up now, thanks for letting me now!

@herecomesthesun @curious constellation @anne kirkby @sydney L. i really love the colour bits too!

@make it easy: you're very welcome aron, love your blog!


  1. so stinking cute! sadly, I was interested in the little green leaf twist-tie/bookmark things but the link does not appear to be working :-( will keep searching!


  2. Wow, that's so awesome. I love the cute little leaves ... what a clever idea! :)

  3. I just got some of the green ties, and I love them! They brighten my day each time I use them! :)

  4. They're gorgeous and such good ideas. Going to grab me some of those cord ties to tidy up a few corners of the house. Thanks for introducing me to them!


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