lizzy stewart

see: lizzy stewart illustrations, based in london.

happy australia day everyone!


@christine @anne kirkby @daughter earth: glad you like her work :)

@jennifer: definitely! i love all her concepts, very imaginative and dreamy!

@courtney: i'd love to visit your country one day!

@nancy: hello adelaide, happy straya day for you!

@margaux: hello you in the cloudy cornfields :) thanks for saying hi!


  1. Oh these are just lovely ... thanks for the introduction to her beautiful art.

  2. these are so cute! have you seen her diary-project 'solo' on tumblr? simply adorable as well!

  3. I love the lead with spots of colour added to it!

  4. thanks for the comment Laura!
    youre so sweet! :-)
    and these are very pretty illustrations!

    hope you had a great australian day!!!


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