lissy laricchia

see: cloud concept by lissy laricchia a.k.a. lissy elle, based in canada.

last time i posted about her too. anything to do with clouds, i'm all over it.

thank you all who have commented on my previous post. glad to see you all are in different places around the globe, don't you think internet is just amazing? if you haven't already, please tell me where you from here


@anne: hello fellow sydneysider :)

@monika: wow you've been everywhere! enjoy your visit in england!

@nafisa: oh wow, i'm so happy to hear there's someone out there in india reading my blog. thanks for saying hi!

@roisin: hi there in england, hope the weather treating you well there.

@sharmaine ruth: oh i'm sure indiana is amazing too on its own way!

@hanna: i'm a huge fan of kings of convenience but they've never come to australia :(

@adeline: one day i'll have to visit you in oslo! i have to visit my other friend who lives there. she's also french!

@nikki @tracey: hope you have a nice summer up there in brisbane! the sun is hiding quite a lot these days in sydney!


  1. These are great! I especially like 1, 2 and 4. Thanks for the introduction.

  2. I remember seeing her work from the last time you posted ~ I just love the whimsy and imagination in her shoots. Definitely one to follow.

  3. These are the first one

  4. oh i really like the last one!

  5. hahahaha fantastic!!! photo 1 and 2 are amazing!!


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