jalouse magazine

see: a short film for french magazine jalouse.

i haven't heard about this magazine before but this is such a smart campaign.

+++ on a side note +++

we start running briefs over sparkapolooza again. for you who's not familiar, find out more all about it here. is being more creative one of your new year resolutions? sparkapolooza would definitely be the best place for you to start. it's still not too late to submit your work for our first brief this year, i am yet to work on my response for this brief as well.

i'm also doing january photo a day challenge #janphotoaday at instagram. anyone else doing this too? add me on instagram, my username is lauratj.

p.s. all your nice comments on half/half make us so so happy. thanks so much to everyone who has blogge, tweeted and spread out the words about us on facebook, we really appreciate it! we have only 4 skirts left so if you'd like to buy one (or two) you'd better be quickly before we run out of stocks :)


@vintageveggie @sundari @curious constellations @adeline @rachel {little bits of lovely} @victoria @morenica @jennifer: thanks so much!!

@hila: you are so lovely, can't thank you enough for posting about us on your blog, we really appreciate it!

@little queue @tracey: thanks so much for your purchase ladies! the skirts would be delivered to your hands shortly, do send us pictures with you wearing the skirts? :)


  1. This is such a clever idea ~ its kind of making fun of this kind of genre of short films, but in a non-sarcastic way (if that makes sense) I love her hair too.

  2. I'm so happy about the great response to your shop!

    I haven't really heard of jalouse either, thanks for the tip.

  3. wow wow wow, what a perfect little video! Just wow. And I agree, what a brilliant marketing campaign. Just perfect.

  4. I am looking forward to picking up from the post office :)

    I will be sure to send some photos through.

  5. That is a really clever campaign ... she's super cute! :)
    I wonder why more publications don't use video as cleverly as this?

  6. i really love this video! this video makes me want to read jalouse!


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