field candy

buy: super cute tents by field candy.

field candy is based in jersey, with their design office in the mountains of italy, their products are printed, manufactured, assembled and distributed worldwide from the UK. *thanks for the link chris*

for those of you who know me in person, you probably know that i'm not a camping person. but i would definitely say YES if we're going to camp on one of these tents!

p.s. thank you all for your wishes on my 3rd blog anniversary, have a lovely weekend :)


  1. These are real tents? They are awesome, especially the book one.

  2. I'd definitely go camping in a tent like this!

  3. hahaha... loved the book one!

    Happy blog anniversary :)

  4. all those tents are adorable ~ i especially love the 10,000,000 fireflies one.

  5. OH I had a post about this saved in my drafts!


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