devon smith

see: illustrations by devon smith from new zealand.

i won another giveaway at dane's blog tornadoes and tigers (thanks dane!!) and this time around it's a nice little package of various artworks by devon. the star is of course the little bear limited edition giclee print on the top, i love it so much! this is actually just a quick show-off post how i have been so spoiled lately hahaha.. sorry! you can also get yourself some of devon's works at his etsy shop.


@R - thanks so much for your correction! i obviously i didn't do enough research there, duh. i've updated the info on my jamie beck post :)

@jodeska - it does make me feel like i'm in harry potter too! i feel really inspired to make photographic animated gifs because of them!

@SJ - you definitely have to catch up with 'go back to where you came from' online. yeah it's such a complicated issue isn't it, i kept sighing when i watched the show.

@nina @hila - i feel the same frustration. i can't believe either how a few of them are still rather close minded about the issue after all those experiences they saw right before their eyes. another big sigh. and yes we're allowed to rant.

@sarah - oh yes for sure, i'm really hoping they play this show internationally. it really is such a big eye opener and i hope the show helps to bring the world together to give more (and the right) supports to those many people who need them.


  1. these are adorable, congratulations!

    thank you for your kind words about my bike. x

  2. Ooh, so jealous! I also entered that giveaway. I just love Devon Smith's work.

  3. that looks like a wonderful prize. I too love the little bear printxxx


  4. Such a great prize! I've always loved that Etsy shop:)

  5. ah lucky! i love devon's work! so pretty.

  6. lucky! i wanted t win that giveaway :)
    congrats, i love her work xo

  7. these are lovely! thanks for sharing!


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