out my window

see: out my window, directed by katerina cizek, a canadian documentary film maker.

i heard about this project from one of the speakers at creative sydney talk that i went to. this beautiful project is an interactive 360° documentary project about people living in the urban area around the world. each individual has amazing stories that are inspiring and touching but some are also sad and disheartening. they are all special regardless. you can also participate in this project by sharing your own story. i'm just going to repeat myself again here, such a beautiful beautiful project. 

p.s. i'm off to another creative sydney talk tomorrow where the european director of etsy will be one of the speakers. pretty excited about this! if you're not going tomorrow, you can also watch this streaming online, yay to internet!

p.s.s. i'm hosting a giveaway that ends this sunday (that's in 2 days!), you can still enter here for a chance to win this howkapow pink deco necklace. have a nice weekend!


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