marcer marlier

see: few pages of my favourite children book debbie learns to dance by marcel marlier.

i just got back from melbourne and today we went to chapel street bazaar which is the biggest antique / vintage market i've ever gone to. it just brings me back my childhood memories straight away including this beautifully illustrated book. what's your favourite book when you were little? i so wish i keep all my old children books and my grandparents' knicks-knacks! thanks so much anna for taking us around, was lovely to meet you!

also saying hello to you all new readers :) 

*photos via meet me and mikes*


@eline - oh no, are you back in europe? so sorry i didn't reply your question on time, i have been away :( for lomography products you can find them at blender gallery at paddington or MCA at the rocks. via alley also sells other toy camera brands - they have a shop in surry hills and CBD.

@luisa brimble - coogee is really lovely indeed. thanks so so much for your comment!

@jodeska - finished your fisheye roll now? i want to see them!

@everyone - again, thank you thank you thank you for the comments, i'm really flattered *blush*


  1. I had a puzzle by Marciel Marlier.
    Ballet class..It was my favorite:>
    I want to see the book so much!

  2. Oh these illustrations are so cute! I used to love drawing ballerinas and their legs when I was younger!

  3. So sweet to remember my childhood!! I used to read these books. I call her "Anita" :) Lovely!!

  4. I loved those books! But I never understood how Debbie (in the Dutch versions she's called Tiny) could get so many things done... She did ballet, played the cello, rode horses, babysitted her younger brother, cleaned the house, cooked and took care of the family dog. What a mademoiselle!

    xx Viola

  5. Oh i love Chapen st bazaar! love the little room overflowing with lace and little fabric trimmings!
    Pretty sure I used to love any books abotu fairies... shirley barber was a favourite, and Pookie the rabbit with wings by ivy Wallace.

  6. Good photos! Nice beach!
    See my blog:

  7. yay! I love these... and I love Chapel St Bazaar... and I loved seeing you! :D


  8. This bought me such delight remembering the books that filled my childhood. My favourite was "The house that sneezed"- though I dont know who wrote it..

  9. Marcel Marlier is a very interesting illustrator (still alive!) : do you know my favourite one, Pierre Probst? I love him so much !


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