sydney through diana mini



(1) sydney opera house (2) the botanical garden (3) hyde park (4) black star pastry, newtown

i've got my second film roll developed! although i'm not sure if my shots from this second roll are any better than my first one... hope i'm not boring you with more sydney photos! and by the way do you think that big tree at the botanical garden looks like a giant broccoli? 

what are you all doing this weekend? if you're in sydney, please do to stop by and say hi to us at our pop up art exhibition in newtown. please wish us luck and a rainless day.

*camera: diana mini, film: kodak colorplus 200*


@adeline - looking forward to see your list :)

@SJ - it's quite random really, i don't know why i didn't use to pay much attention to art and cultural things around me while there's so much to explore! 

@hila - so glad you're getting me to do this!

@daydream lily - thanks so much for letting me know about the error on the tweet button, i think i've got it fixed now :)


  1. Not at all! Really great shots! :) Loving your photos :)

  2. yes i am seeing the giant broccoli! i love the last shot. A Diana mini is on my wish list at the moment, cant wait to experiment with lomography

  3. Giant broccoli looks great!


  4. These are awesome. Can't wait to see the rest!

  5. love these! keep em coming. And yes kinda does look like a huge brocolli :)

  6. ahahahha :D it does look like a giant brocoli! how awesome.

    ps. i really like the third picture. so pretty.

  7. the photos turned out really beautifully and what a gorgeous tree!

    Oh good luck for tomorrow...wish I could go. I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it doesn't rain. Take heaps of photos ;)

  8. these are great shots! I especially love the last one with the cup of coffee (is it?).

    Good luck with the exhibition!

  9. Wow your shots turn out great!!! Love the last shot, the colours are gorgeous. I still have a roll to process... crossing fingers my photos will turn out as I hope.

  10. hmm.. maybe i should get the Diana too! My Loma LCA ran out of battery (gave me plenty heartaches after i learnt the hard way with 2 empty rolls..) and i haven't been able to change new ones for it yet! But i have been eyeing that new 360 one... choices , choices!

  11. Beautiful colors in these! Nice job.


  12. i could never tire from pictures of sydney! and YES, that looks like a giant broccoli! haha

    this weekend i'm working and then going to on of my best friend's wedding shower!

    good luck with your pop up art exhibit!! sounds amazing.

  13. Haha! The tree does definitely look like a giant brocoli!
    Great pictures Laura!

  14. Sydney.... Sydney...... Sydney...
    I like your blog!

  15. The tree really does look like a giant broccoli. I love the last shot, I like the composition.

    Heading to Sydney this weekend so I can't wait to take my Diana Mini around.


  16. Lovely pictures! I can definitly see the broccoli in there!


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