preparing sparkmylane

the days are getting closer and closer to sparkmylane exhibition. jo and i are busy preparing the day as well as our artwork(s). there are still few things we're organising such as contingency plan if it rains on the day. we're quite nervous as well as very excited about our very first event, this means a lot to us and we're hoping it's going to go well. here are some photos of jo's work in progress two weeks ago (and there are obviously some food involved, jo's homemade berry apply crumble with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, hmmm!!). 

if you're in sydney, do stop by to say hello to us and possibly bring home some artworks too:

sparkmylane (art for cheapskates)
sunday, 17th april 3.00pm
newtown lane

more details on our facebook event page, any questions please contact me. hope to see you there!


  1. Good luck with the project Laura! Hopefully it'll turn out to be great.


  2. That bluriness in the photo is from drawing RSI! P.s. I finished the pencil last night!

  3. I so wish I could attend - I got your invite on facebook, but it looks like I'm just stuck in perth for the time being. I hope it's fantastic though and I'm looking forward to pictures from the event!

    p.s. great photos!

  4. Yummy!
    Good luck girls! Can't wait to see the photos!

  5. all the best!

    p.s. do an exhibition in Melbourne!!!

  6. Good luck Laura I hope it goes well! I hope to be there! xo

  7. Have you guys figured out how to distribute the art yet?

  8. oh my...I would really like to come...but I will be on my way back to Europe:(


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