once upon a time

miss hila from le project d'amour has tagged me with versatile blog award to share seven facts about myself and pass it on to other bloggers. today i want to share with you a bit of myself before my blogging life. so this would probably be about 5 years ago (i have an old blog before i started see hear say).

1. i used to spend more time on tv and dvd than in front of my computer screen, unless i was doing some online research for uni projects and assignments. look at me now and my addiction of the internet...

2. i didn't really appreciate museums and art galleries, or even art in general for that matter. not that i didn't like it, but i just wasn't paying attention much about it. and now i'm really regretting it that i didn't spend enough time exploring museums and art galleries when i was in europe (i lived in rotterdam for about 3 years).

3. i thought vintage wasn't cool. and obviously i didn't go to many op shopping or markets. sigh.

4. i love food and still do. this one will never changed hahaha.. although i didn't use to take pictures of my food back then, while i would now, if i think it looks pretty.

5. i didn't use to like polkadots, love hearts and floral patterns. i kind of do now, even though i don't have much of these patterns in my wardrobe. 

6. i used to go to gigs a lot more than i do now. while these days it seems like i'm quite interested in seeing a more cultural events, tho i wish i'd go to see more live music. i'm looking forward to see a contemporary dance that i've got myself booked for next week, i would have never thought about going to see a play or dance back then.

7. i'm a really slow reader but i read more books now than i did before. i think i used to read a lot when i was little, but then i just stopped reading books maybe after high school. and i only started reading again probably in the past 2 years or so.

there you go! looking back, i feel like my views and ways of thinking have changed a lot since then. apart from my life experiences, work  the awesome people i met in life (you know who you are!), i do have to say that blogging influences my preferences to view things differently. do you feel the same way about blogging, is it just the trend, or does my taste just change as i get older?

enough about me, now i would like to pass this on to liss, amanda, danica, aron and adeline to compile their seven facts, only if you guys want to play along of course! 

p.s. thank you so much for all of you who have commented on my preparation for sparkmylane, i wish you all could come! wish me and jo luck, and i'm just really hoping it won't rain on the day. enjoy the rest of your sunday.

*photo by camilla engman*


  1. SIGH. I'm going to miss you. I'll hate you forever if you stop going to things just as much because I don't annoy you about it. Or book tickets and then tell you!

  2. aww thanks for awarding me!!
    i just did this in my last post, Sun awarded me too :-)

  3. So interesting! Blogging does influence us in many ways. I'll try to come up with my own list this week. Thanks for thinking of me! :)

  4. it's amazing how things change so quickly and how your taste evolves- great list!


  5. wow, I feel like I've really found out more about you here - thanks for playing along!

  6. nice image. :))


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