naomi & goro

hear: days of may by naomi & goro.

so glad i stumbled across this japanese band, their music is so calm and soothing. huse naomi with her beautiful clear voice and goro ito the bossa nova guitarist. love love! also check out their version of garota de ipanema (the girl from ipanema).


  1. i love them too!
    try CINNABOM also :-)

  2. oh, i agree. and always love discovering new music goodies! thx! xoxo

  3. Just by watching that video, I was reminded of "Girl from Ipanema"! She's got a lovely voice and their music is so calming. Thanks for sharing!

    {Moon Face}

  4. i love N+G!!!
    good for you going to the gym twice a week!! i really want to join now and get in shape too! lets do this together and keep at it!! hahah

  5. ah, they are lovely! i love the clip too.


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