stephanie del monte

see: stephanie del monte photography. i always have a long straight hair. sometimes i wonder, what would it be like to have a curly hair?

p.s. See Hear Say has recently received a nice mention at here comes the sun, the drifter and the gypsy (i'll do your tagging one day, i promise!) and i am taller than the children *blush* thank you all your the kind words, you are all lovely people with lovely blogs <3


  1. lovely photos! my hair isn't curly...its very wavy though. when i wear it wavy, i can't brush it-it just all turns to frizz. i love when i straighten my hair though (like now) it's so smooth and i can run my fingers through it without them getting caught!

  2. those pictures are amazing. i want plates on my walls like that!

  3. Ooh!! Beautiful photography!! Such fun & whimsy...
    I wonder about curly hair's so gorgeous!!

  4. My hair is incredibly red and curly, which I completely love. I got it cut last year and somehow my hairdresser cut all my curls out :( Luckily I went to a new hairdresser last week and got them back so I now know how it is to live with straight and curly hair. I would definitely pick curly :)

  5. i want purple curly hair (coz i am just that crazay :P)

    i love the photos, especially the second one. i want a window seat :)


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