aly chalk

see: photography by aly chalk. nice captures and great lightings on the bedroom shots. 

i pretty much stay in bed for the last two days, i've been sick but i think i feel a bit better now. i hope. tummy pain please go away and never come back! how's your weekend going?


  1. oh no, I hope you get better soon!

    I'm going to see an Indo film tomorrow - Sang Pemimpi. Have you seen it? :)

  2. i hope you'll feel better soon :(

    my weekend is going pretty well :)

  3. beautiful photos you have shared with us.

    I do hope you are feeling much better already <3

  4. beautiful photos, i love the first one! so ethereal.

    :( hope you feel better very soon ♥ xx

  5. ohh i hope you get better soon!
    love these images :)

  6. oh no! get better soon :)
    love these pictures!
    enjoy your weekend, too dear and feel better!

  7. I hope your feel better soon!

    My weekend has been busy so far, we have been redecorating our bedroom! I'll post some pictures over at my blog once I get some decent daylight to take photos in!


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