logan jackson

see: logan jackson photography. i know i kept saying this, but i just don't know how young photographers these days take such great photos AND self portraits. and yes, lots of them are self taught too. i need to learn from these guys how to take good portraits!

can you believe it's the end of january already? i feel that i haven't done much yet this year, i know it's still 11 months ahead to go but new years resolutions don't seem to be working for me. i think i need to set up some short term goals instead (realistic ones). how are you going with your resolutions?


  1. i <3 both the first and third photos, they're beautiful. photographers/artists/bloggers they all seem to be getting younger and younger but just as talented, its pretty amazing.

    hm, i do have realistic resolutions, i just don't have the drive to do them everyday. maybe try marking it in your calender? i have form i downloaded (i can't remember where, sorry) where you colour in each day you've done.

  2. i know! i need to learn how to take amazing portraits too
    and my resolutions are going really well for once.. my one adventure a week is proving tough but its definitely a ton of fun :)

  3. wow, those photos are amazing! i need to learn how to take good photos too :)

    i cant believe it's nearly february too! it's going by so quickly

  4. Me too, I totally agree.
    Photographers are so young these days and most of them are really good. I've been digging into Photography lately but I just can't get the self portraits down.


  5. i had to add him on flickr too. amazing self portraits!!!

  6. i love the first photograph!

  7. ohhh inspiration.

    thank you thank you thank you.

  8. I know, I wish I had half their talents!

    also I can't believe it's the end of January either :(


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