a cowboy's dream

see: KURO's visual identity design for a cowboy's dream bed and breakfast. love every single item they did, i really like the old and classic design with the wooden material, or that classic metal bottles. very detailed and well executed, nice works guys!


  1. Hello & thank you so much for your lovely visit!
    I use a 50 mm lense from Canon. I make the bokeh by holding a black paper (I cut out a small heart in the paper) in front of the lense.
    A rather clumpsy description...
    Love from Stina.

  2. oh i like this!

    hey if it helps when i was posting on ddl i figured out the best with for picture was "570" :) have a great week guest blogging!

  3. This is an example of fantastic branding. I love it, clear and thoughtful. Thank you for sharing it!


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