i *heart* clouds

monday i'm feeling blue and cloudy. but these cloudy artworks make me happy.

see: on cloud nine, a video promotion for neiman marcus.

see: clouds in the bedroom by sarah murray.

see: beautiful photo with cloud by carl kleiner

see: dreaming by bene bess.

see: indoor weather as spotted at monster munch but there's not much info there, i couldn't really figure out whose work is this fabulous art. can anyone help?


  1. So noice. I love clouds too. I take too many photos of them, maybe this is more interesting!

  2. these make me want to hang giant cotton balls from the ceiling :)

  3. thanks for making me smile.... love these!

  4. this post of yours instantly reminded me of the "cloud umbrella". have you seen it? it will surely put a smile on your face ;)

  5. LOVe these cloud photos!!! us daydreamers are always up there :-)

  6. Oh wow! I just found your blog and am a fast fan. These are so beautiful.

  7. what a lovely post...love the clouds


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