jackson eaton

see: jackson eaton's photos. you might recognise one of his photos i posted in my old post about the photographic dictionary. well for those of you who are in perth, make sure you visit his solo exhibition at perth centre for photography. more info at his flickr page here.

on a side note, i've just put up linkwithin on my blog (those 'you might also like' links underneath each post), but i personally don't really like it. as a less-is-more fanatic, to me it's just a bit distracting and makes my blog layout so crowded. would love to hear your opinion because you all awesome people are the ones keeping me going with this blog. so please tell me people, yay or nay to linkwithin? thanks!


  1. the top photo is beautiful.

    re: linkwithin i feel kind of the same way about it, in fact i was thinking about that just yesterday. hmmm, it's hard to say, i have it too but i'm not sure about it still.

  2. Wow, I totally missed this post. This guy looks great. I wish I was in Perth for this now! The link within is kind of cool because you can see some posts that may be interesting. But if you don't like it then you shouldn't have it, after all it is your space!


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