film love

see: my first lomo photo series! mine you my old scanner is not the best one in the world, and there are only a few there. i only uploaded the ones that i like since some of them were taken in bad angles etc - being spoiled with digital camera, it has been so different as well as exciting to take pictures with film camera as you don't know what to expect until you get the film developed! all of these photos are taken with lomolitos single use, it's the cheapest lomo camera and in the manual there's a secret instruction on how to reuse it! i think i fell in love with film camera again. hopefully more to come in this series.


  1. these are great! I've fallen in love with film photography too. There's a tiny excitement with every click because each shot seems so precious.

  2. Oh trust me, once you start you can't stop... at last count i had 7 toy cameras plus some vintage ones too, i love the excitement of going to the shop to pick them up and quickly tearing the envelope open to see what goodies lay within!

  3. tuh gantungan kutang dibalakang euy, hahahaha

    i am picking up the lomo results from our trip to thailand. will post them soon.

  4. thanks everyone :)

    @chare - emang hahahaha!! consider it as an art! lol


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