listen: 1901 by phoenix. one of my fave bands of all time. i'm excited about their gig tomorrow night, can't wait!


  1. oh laura, i wish phoenix was coming to perth. their latest album has been my daily soundtrack for the past two months. have a great time!

  2. hope you have fun!

    and yes, I know what you mean about being sad because of Indonesia's current troubles (the bombings made me cry). It did look more peaceful back then, but then again, considering it was the late 40s, the country was certainly going through a different kind of struggle at the time.

  3. i keep meaning to look this band up and listen to their music. thanks for reminding me (: I LIKE :D
    have loads of fun at the concerttt (:

  4. i haven't heard of them, hope you had a fab time!


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