see: cin(T)a, a new indonesian indie movie by sammaria simanjuntak. to be honest i don't usually watch any local movies from my home country, but with this one i found the topic and story line interesting. probably this might not be the problem in other countries, but in indonesia it's such a difficult situation for a couple with different religions / races. there are several things that i disagree with what was said in the movie, however overall it's not bad at all for a first time film maker. anyone who has seen this movie, do let me know what you think?


  1. Beautiful film. I try to watch it. I don't know that religion's still a problem.

  2. oh, I really wanted to see this. It was at the Indo Film Festival, but I couldn't go :(
    Where did you see it?
    I really hope I'll get a chance to see it another time though. It's definitely an interesting topic, and I thought it was brave of the film-makers to go there (but then again, I haven't seen it, so I can't really judge).

  3. hi, your blog is nice...i'm from Malaysia, we are neighbor!

    actually, i'm so proud with your local films like Ada Apa Dengan Cinta, Eiffel I'm In Love, and many more...they were so dreamy and soft..

    i also admire your local band such as D'masiv, sheila on 7, dewa and so on because your indie band were so cool..

    there were some some of our local radio station here in malaysia has banded your local indie band to be played in our local fm because they said that the indonesian indie band has made our malaysian indie band reputation dropped down...

    actually there is nothing can compare to indonesian indie band although our local malaysian band have been tried so hard to get the reputation, indon's indie bands are still the best!

  4. @ofelia yeah unlike western countries where people have freedom of choice to believe in something or even nothing at all, you could almost say it's complete opposite in indonesia and differences are often a big issue.

    @muchlove they played it in one of the uni in sydney. yeah let me know what you think once you've had a chance to see it later on!

    @finie ramos wow really? i know a couple of them tho i'm not really a big fan. but very nice to hear from someone like you about indonesian movies / music making a progress to go international :)


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