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so for those of you who probably haven't heard, soon i'll be leaving the busy advertising agency life. i'm taking a small break and.. i've booked a flight to thailand!! if anyone has gone there before, please do let me know any good places you'd like to recommend. it's going to be a short trip, so we're trying to decide whether we should go to the islands at andaman sea or the gulf of thailand cause we won't have enough time to go to both. help?


  1. sounds like a fun trip. have a great time!

  2. all i remember was that thailand was fun! i'm sorry i was too young to remember. have a good time!


  3. oohh, wish i could help you out but ive never been. Im sure you'll have an awesome time though.

  4. I've never been. Have a good time.

  5. i want to go to thailand!
    one summer, my parents left me home alone and went to thailand without me :-( hahah
    i hope you have a wonderful time!

  6. thailand is ment to be wonderful
    have lots of fun
    but i'm sure you will


  7. Specific about Thailand is Budhism Temples such as large size Sleeping Budha, Budha Statue with gold plated. There are also other specific to see such as alligator show, Elephant Show, Gay Cabaret Show. All in Bangkok or Pataya (beach of Bangkok).
    For sea view like Andaman/gulf of thailand it is not in the ocean only sea, so I don't think it is better either Pelabuhan Ratu or Kuta, located in Indian Ocean or Lombok Sea except may be the facility (hotels, amusement).
    Kapan skedul holiday nya.

  8. I loved thailand, my favourtie parts were Krabi and Chaing Mai. but they are at different ends of Thailand. If I had to pick one place it woul be Krabi and the Phi Phi islands area, the most amazing beaches you will ever see. Dont bother wiht Phuket, its terrible and sleazy!!!

    enjoy your well deserved break lovely!!
    x Liss


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