a few photo projects!

join: the view from here photo challenge by the art of jordan. this one is an old photo of my bedroom that i shared with my sister back home in jakarta :)

join: disposable memory project. awesome awesome! anyone found one of the cameras or is going to start a new one and would like to pass it on to me?

as you've noticed i've been very slow at posting lately, i'm just exhausted and don't really feel inspired to do anything. this kind of projects should hopefully boost me up, i shall participate and take some new pics. and you should too!


  1. i'll check out the challenge. rest up, sometimes you just need to take a creative break. you'll be all the better for it. :)

  2. omg this is so awesome !
    I hope to find a camera (fingers crossed)

  3. Wonderful! I'll check it out now. If ever I do get a camera, I would definitely send it to you, it's a deal!

  4. love the sunrays shining through the curtain, all beautiful :)

    hope you will have a great time in participating the projects, I understand how it feels to be uninspired, and that would lifts you up again for sure.

  5. I just signed up! You can start your own through them, you just need to buy your own camera and include their instructions in the packet.

  6. i quite like your wooden cupboard.

    when i first found out about the disposable memory project, i had butterflies in my stomach. i can't quite comprehend why then, but now i can say with conviction that the idea of sharing and seeing through a stranger's eyes appeals to me more than anything else.

    wonder when will one of the cameras end up in north borneo, malaysia.

  7. thanks for posting a link to the disposable memory project. if you don't stumble across a camera, you can create your own to send into the world too.


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