tagged: 7 things i love

i have been tagged by lilith about 7 things i love. well there are too many of them! but here are some:

1. photography, taking photos as well as browsing for pretty pictures.

2. a little cloud that floats out from your breath during winter.

3. travelling. i want to go back to europe and visit every single country.

4. morning and afternoon coffee and tea break.

5. sleeping in a clean, freshly washed bedsheet.

6. taking a peek at someone's house.

7. the colours of autumn.

would be interested in seeing what jodeska, sundari from intimate vignettes, liss from daydream lily, ebony from hello sandwich, danica from coccinelle, anna from much love anna and sophie from sophie takes pictures would have written in the list. but anyway, i invite you all to tag along if you're keen. drop me a comment if you do because i'd love to read your list. have a lovely weekend!

*all photos from flickr, please click through each image to see sources*


  1. Absolutely stunning photo's, I do so LOve them all, you chose the perfect photo to illustrate each favourite thing. Have a great weekend:)
    PS I'm in Johannesburg, South Africa. I've been to Sydney a few times. My brother lives in Bondi and my sister lives in the north, I've forgotten the name of the suburb, something long starting with a 'W'....I think.

  2. oh sweet :) I just have to post some pictures now,I'll add some random 7 things I love then !

  3. we share a lot of the same interests! :) and LOL at that chick in bed...i used to fall asleep like that when i was little

  4. I see what you're doing....!

  5. What a lovely tag this is... combined your beautiful thoughts and gorgeous pics :)

    agnes xx

  6. Oh what beautiful photographs. I think that peeking in peoples homes really is a 'peeking' photograph!

    I will have to think hard about this one.

  7. loved all photos!

  8. love this post!! beautiful photos!!!

  9. i can relate to all seven of the things you listed. beautiful photos too!

    i will have to ponder my own choices :)

  10. oh this tag looks like fun, ill get straight onto it :)

  11. Funny how clean sheets seem to always be on people's lists. It's wonderful that something so simple is soooo luxurious.

  12. beautiful post! I love your choices :)
    Sorry for not dropping by your blog for so long, I had a teeny blog break for a few days. Hope you're doing well.

    Oooh, and I definitely want to do this tag. Will start pondering about it now ;)

  13. The third photo look like The Draytones' last videoclip

  14. those photos are all so lovely. :)


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