daisy by marc jacobs

buy: daisy by marc jacobs, my favourite fragrance at the moment, it's sooo fresh and lovely. i've just received the stimulus cash package from the government (yay!) and this one is on my shopping list. so... what about you, what's your favourite fragrance?


  1. It's so beautiful isn't it! GREAT packaging! I also had to post about it!


    Love Love and Happy Sunday!
    Hello Sandwich

  2. my favorite fragrance at the moment is :
    pleasures by Estee Lauder! it smells like blossom! :)

    have a nice day!

  3. My favourite is Gucci II :)

  4. i loveee that fragrancee (:
    but my favorite at the moment is light blue by dolce & gabbana. smelling that just makes me want summer so bad!

  5. i tested daisy out in myer last year and the second my boyfriend smelled it he said 'that's it, i'm getting it for you!'
    are you going to get the original or the new one, 'black daisy' (or something).
    i woul recommend the pretty golden original, personally!

  6. Ah ha! This is what I happen to be wearing today. I am a sucker for all things Marc. Also loving Stella in Two Peony by Stella McCartney. Sweet and perfect for the summer.

  7. ¨baby touch¨ by burberry. soft and smells like a baby.


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