giveaway: russh edition mar/apr09

i have an extra russh magazine edition march/april 2009 that i'd like to give away. does anyone want this mag? to enter the draw, just leave a comment below; winner will be announced on wed 29 april 2009.


  1. ooh, count me in! :)

    PS. I've never heard of 'tini belajar balet'. Looks like I missed out on that one!

  2. Oh my gosh, Jane Birkin!

    Count me in to :)

  3. Whaa! I'm so annoyed I found out about Russh AFTER I left Australia! I've been trying to find it here but no luck so far. So definitely count me in!
    So nice of you to do this, too, Laura :)

  4. Ooo. Please pick me. This is impossible to find in London!

  5. wow! Thats so sweet of you! I love Russh and would love to go in the draw! exciting! Can't wait to find out who will win!
    Hope you had a lovely weekend sweetest little girl.
    Love love
    Hello Sandwich

  6. I have never read that magazine, would love to see it (you know I'm a magazine addict :) )

  7. oooh, i've never looked through one and i'd love the chance! :)

  8. ahh i love this cover
    cute blog by the way

  9. yay! fingers crossed...hope i'm the lucky winner! russh is terrific. thanks!


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