rohan andersen

see: rohan anderson photography. i think these photos of the cool nerd couple are cute.

few notes from me, i want to thank you all who has sent me sweet emails or comments on my blog, you all made my day! just a quick reminder if you're still interested, don't forget that you have 1 MORE DAY to sign up for inspire april project. registration will be closed tonight - friday, 10 april 2009 at midnight sydney time - so don't be shy :) ohhh... i am so very glad that we're finally having a long weekend. we've made it!! i hope you are all going to have a lovely easter break.


  1. these are so cute!

    oooh, I didn't know about the inspire april project. sounds very interesting.

  2. those photos are so adorable (:

  3. CUTE! I want pictures like this of me and my husband.


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