inspire april project

join: inspire april project! i'm happy to announce that i'll be organising my very first swap project.

so to give you a bit of a background, i read articles in 2 different magazines already, saying that this is the time that people would most likely start to forget about their new year resolutions. inspired by that, i think this is a good time for us to bring back the spirit, to remind, share and inspire each other to get back on track to what it is that we want to achive or make a difference this year. maybe go travelling, decorate your home, be more creative, be more fit, meet more people, find new love? whatever it is, it's still early in the year and it is not too late to start if you haven't already.

inspire april swap:
  1. pick a word or phrase and write it down in a lovely note to encourage your swap partner
  2. share 3 things that you want to do / achieve / make a difference this year
  3. take 3 photos of inspiring things you find on your daily life (e.g. the sky, trees, your breakfast, old buildings you pass everyday, vintage treasures, etc)
  4. prepare 3 goodies for your swap partner, doesn't matter if you want to pick them from shops or if you want to make them yourself (e.g. vintage prints, small journal, magazine, ribbons, etc)
to sign up, just email your details to put "inspire april project" on the subject. i'll need your details as below:
  1. your name
  2. mailing address
  3. email address
  4. a link to your blog / website / flickr
  5. will you ship internationally?
sign up is closed on friday, 10th april 2009. i will then email you individually who your swap partner is shortly after closing date. package to be mailed no later than friday, 24th april 2009.

any concerns/questions please let me know. and do feel free to spread out the words too; just email me if you'd like to get an animated banner like displayed on my blog sidebar and i'll send you the html codes. hope we all will have fun and get inspired!

*update: registration has now been closed. thank you to you all who has signed up :)
**more update: photos can now be viewed here.


  1. I love the idea of this; I wish I had time to participate! I've linked to your blog on my site; it's so lovely seeing another Australian blog like this! ♥


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