50 dark movies in a painting

visit: m&m's dark chocolate website and give it a go on the game: find 5o dark movies hidden in a painting. one of my colleagues showed me this site *thanks john!*. i think this is great fun and a very smart idea. i couldn't find all of the 50 movie titles myself! see how you go with it!

and btw, i've pulled out a name from a hat for the draw on my previous post. and the russh magazine goes to... dum dum dummmm... ABCDErica! please email me your mailing address to claim the prize :)


  1. I need to reveal you a secret: I'm just CRAZY about M&M's <3 !!!

  2. Oh, cool! I'll do that right now. Thank you!

  3. Congratulations ABCDErica!
    Cute blog name!

  4. Oh what a cutely strange quiz... I'm not very good with movies though.


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