the selby

see: the selby. i love photos and i love taking a peek at people's houses / apartments. and this brilliant site gives both.

visit: monster children gallery presents 'predator' and 'home alone' - a double feature photo show by the cobrasnake and the selby. yay, they're in sydney! opening night is on 6th march at 6pm.


  1. ouh ! so inspiring !
    I would love to own a home so colorful :)

  2. how fricken fantastic is the Shelby!! i love the creativeness in those apartments.

    PS. your blog is looking great, want to do mine for me, im so stuck with it right now:-( im bored of it, want something different.

  3. wow, what great photos.

    I was super excited to find your blog after daydream lily posted a link about it. So super glad she did!!!

    Renee xx


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