interview: sophie richards

see: sophie richards' photos here and here. i think she is a very talented young lady at the age of only 16! oh, i feel old... anyway, here's more about sophie and her photography.

how long have you been taking photos and how did you get started?
i've really only started considering photography as a passion for about a year and a bit, now. i'm not so sure what got me into photography, to be honest. i used to sneak off with my parents' little digital camera and take photos of things when i was bored. but that didn't really mean anything. but i got a DSLR for christmas of 07 after begging my parents forever and ever and promising to be good for the rest of my life. P: that sort of changed things and i began to take it a bit more seriously. but yeah, one day, it just sort of clicked. and i began to find it really enjoyable and i still do (:

what camera(s) are you using, which one is your favourite?
currently i use a nikon d40 for most of my photos. i own an olympus analogue slr which i also take some photos on. aaaand every now and again i use a disposable.

did you ever take any proper photography course and do you think it's important?
i have never, no. and not at all! i think it's the imperfections in photography which makes it more appealing. i mean, nowadays people make cameras that deliberately let the light in to cause light leaks. which were considered as faults years ago. so yeah, i think proper courses aren't important at all. sure maybe if you want to get to use your camera to its fullest potential. but you can find that out through experimentation. which is equally as fun ; )

what's your favourite things to shoot?
ooh, that is very hard. i think i would have to go with people. just because they are so npredictable and it makes for fun shooting. also, when shooting other people they often bring their own interpretation into the photo. through their expression, poses. etc. so i find that very interesting.

do you actually have ideas on your head before you take photos or do you just bring your camera everywhere and take photos anytime without actually planning it?
i do both. i always have my camera. because whenever i don't have it i see the most beautiful things and never have any ways of capturing them but with my imagination. i feel bare without it. but i also plan shots, props and locations. i find they're also fun. in fact often they're the most enjoyable, i think. because there is an element of spontaneity with the models. but you also have planned out what is going on in the background. it's more balanced. however, having said that i feel much more pleased if a spontaneous photo turns out well as opposed to a planned one.

describe your style.
my style is my mood, to be honest. so basically it is anything and everything. if i'm happy, it will be bright, the sun will be shining. if i'm unhappy, the tones will be sombre.

any current project that you're currently working on?
yes, actually i've been asked by an upcoming brisbane magazine to design the images for each star sign. for their horoscope section. they should be done pretty soon and up on my blog. (:

what's on your current playlist?
ooh (: good question! well, currently i've been listening to my summer playlist. which has a load of songs on but i'll tell you my favourites (: bon iver, death cab for cutie, rilo kiley, the shins, lenka, goldfrapp, foals, the libertines and joy division.

describe what your perfect weekend would be.
oh, wow. hm okay. well, it would be spent with my friend clare. (: and in the day time we would walk around paris, eating ice creams and window shopping and taking photos all the time. finding cool street art and old run down apartments. then we'd go back to our parisian apartment, get ready to go out. and go see death cab for cutie play (: (:! we'd get front row of the mosh pit. and i'd be right in the middle, and have the perfect view to take photos. the gig would finish and we'd go walking in the streets all night. then we'd get back to the apartment, thanks to a conveniently placed tandem bike. still a little giddy from last night's drinks, we'd sleep until 10, get up, and then go adventuring. we'd go to the less well off parts of paris and find an old abandoned parisian flat. completely furnished, but completely wrecked. and we'd take heaps of photos all day. then go for a baguette and some crêpes. and then go back to the apartment and sit on the balcony. and relax. and then go to a bon iver concert. and the same with the death cab concert. i'd be in the perfect place for taking photos and the gig would finish. and we'd go have drinks with him. and talk music all night. (: voilà. my ideal weekend. haha (:

any future plans? (maybe a shop, an exhibition or a career in photography?)
ohh. the future haha i don't know. my ideal future would be to be a fashion photographer for an influencial french/international fashion magazine. and live in paris and do gig photography on the side. MAN that would be so good. haha, that was fun. if only i could write this much so easily on my english essays ;)

isn't she just cute? thanks for your time sophie and all the best!


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