going... for a weekend away in shoalhaven heads, hurray to the long weekend.

loving... claire danes going rouge photoshoot for t-magazine (homeland season 2 coming soon, yay)

wearing... lipstick clogs. not quite the same as swedish hasbeens but surprisingly so comfy. good for the budget and highly recommended.

making... clay necklaces for a local art fair next weekend. this would be Half/Half first physical appearance so it's pretty exciting time. for you sydneysiders who are interested in going please contact me for more info (see email address on my sidebar), come say hi!

what are you up to?

i meant to post this long long time ago but i've never been really good at this. thanks so much koey for nominating me for the sunshine award! now. as a part of this, i have to answer these questions and name 5 other bloggers, so here it goes.

favourite colour: white but i've been loving grey and pastels too lately.
favourite animal: puppies!
favourite non-alcoholic drink: water. and black tea, no milk, no sugar.
facebook or twitter: twitter.
getting or giving presents: both.
favourite flower: i know very little about flowers but i think tulips are cute.
favourite pattern: triangles and stripes.
passion: internet, food, simple and clean designed objects (like these trivet bagels from neëst pictured above!).
favourite number: umm.. i don't actually have any. but if i really have to, i'll pick 8 because it's a lucky number.

and i'd like to pass this to these 5 delightful bloggers:
marion l'inventaire de l'esthétique
jennifer from i art u
isa from paper boots
fransisca angela from my unpredictable
lauren from calico skies

jennifer hagler of a merry mishap lives in idaho with her husband and their son and they live in the most stylish home with black and white interior. jennifer is also the owner and designer of this etsy shop. love her style!

i've never been a big fashion trend follower and would most of the time go for a simple, comfortable and natural colour selection for my wardrobe. love these outfits by dress up, a label owned by australian designer stephanie downey. ps thank you all for the warm welcome to the blog change on my previous post, i really appreciate your feedback!

i've been meaning to revamp my blog for a long time. it has been a great almost 4 years of See Hear Say and if you have been reading for a while you might notice how my content and preferences have changed over time. i think it's time for my blog to grow up, so i'm pretty excited to reintroduce you to my new blog: BOOKM▲▲RKS. my URL stays the same so if you've already subscribed to my feed everything should work as normal despite of the changes you might see on my layout, hope you like.

do you have any feedback, suggestions or comments on what would you like to see more or anything new that you like to have on this space? i'd love to hear from you. until then here's a happy song: garden by totally enormous extinct dinosaurs.







just sharing some photos that i took around the year with my vintage camera but haven't had a chance to develop the film. first photo from kiama, second one from coogee beach and the rest of them from cronulla beach. at least these turned out better than my diana mini shots from india! 

camera: ricoh 35 EFS / film: expired kodak 400

yep. this is it, today i'm saying good bye to my twenty-something life and hello to the big three-oh! it's crazy and i admit it, i feel a little scared at the start. but you know what, change your thoughts and you'll change the world. that's exactly right. it's time for a spring cleaning ...literally (um, just because i do need to clean my house) as well as my mind, body and soul; see above list things to remember! note to self: this would be something that i would like to live by from here on and i am going to make the most of it, hells yeah ♥
finally got my films developed but my shots from india didn't turn out as well as i wanted them to, i think i can work better on the medium format rather than the half frame format *sad face*

alleppey houseboat trip
alleppey houseboat tour at kochi, kerala

alleppey houseboat trip
more houseboats at alleppey

taj mahal
the taj mahal, dark dark photo and the multi exposure didn't turn out nicely...

new delhi
new delhi in the morning from our hotel roof top

new delhi
more new delhi, if you have a look closely... yep those two guys were taking shower up on the rooftop lol!

camera: diana mini / film: fuji superia 200

the first day of spring started by wes andersen's latest movie that i've been waiting to see. it's sweet and quirky and it makes me happy. go watch it!
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