oh hello internet at home, you are back!! *happy face*

i've been meaning to share with you some works presented by artists, designers, photographers at the semi permanent 2012 with you all, but i haven't had a chance yet until now. i feel very lucky that i got to go to this annual creative event again this year through work, and i'm hoping i can make it again next year. here's just to name a few of the amazing speakers (not in particular order).

benja harney, paper engineer based in sydney:
so many details, and it's both arty and technical works.

kelli andersen, designer and artist from new york:
i still can't believe she made this paper record player for her friend's wedding invite!

bec winnel, illustrator currently based in alpine valley, victoria:
you're all probably familiar with bec who is a sister of liss from daydream lily. been a fan of her works for quite some time now. really great to see her presenting in person and see her drawing process on her time lapse video!

david alan harvey, photographer based in new york:
his latest project is called rio, have a look at this cool photo book designed by his son brian harvey.

updated: Wallpaper* magazine
i missed their presentation but my workmate sent a link to their cute film 'handmade' by lernert & sander, brioni and white lodge


one of the surprises is the google hangout session with roman coppola (brother of sofia coppola) where his parents, jason schwartzman, few of his friends and an 18 year old female leopard made an appearance!

it was quite a long 2-day conference but definitely worth it and full of inspirations. a wrap up by pedestrian.tv shows you top 20 things learnt via twitter.

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i'm sorry i have been really quite lately, i have no internet at home and using personal hotspot from iphone is rather slow. how are you all? the days are getting colder and colder here in sydney. hope all is well with you all, stay warm. 

aghhhhh i have been busy busy busy!

♥ feeling... sad about leaving our apartment for 4 years, but excited (and exhausted) about moving to new place.

♥ going... to semi permanent wooh!

♥ listening... to kimbra as a warm up before her gig next week.

♥ buying... a few new clothes from asos.

♥ drinking... T2's madagascan vanilla tea.

♥ reading... peter pan. a childhood fave but i've never actually read the original J.M.Barrie's novel before.

♥ booking... india trip for july!!! any suggestions, advice, tips and tricks please drop me a line, thank you!


see: the makers, a photo project by jennifer causey

jennifer's latest project is documenting creative people from her neighbourhood in brooklyn, new york. there are florist, tailors, designers, bakers, ceramicists, builders, jewellers, chocolate makers... and the list goes on. very inspiring.

the name jennifer causey sounds familiar to you? yes i have mentioned her some time in the past. her blog simply breakfast is one of my other favourites of hers.
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