by - 5/30/2010

buy: city in a bag series by muji. new york displayed on the top, london and tokyo at the bottom. other than these awesome toys, muji also has all sorts of things like stationery, homewares, furnitures and other accessories that are very well designed, simple and stylish. hope muji will be available in australia sometime soon, i want them all!

on a side note, i have been reading all your comments on my post to win HUH. tote bags, really enjoyed getting to know about you all, nice to see how varied you are from different parts of the world, ages and backgrounds! i'm still receiving entries until tonight sunday 30th june 11.59pm sydney's time. good luck!

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  1. I love MUJI's "sui-colored" (sui meaning water :p) pen.. they have such minimalistic design that I love, but they're kind of overpriced (I've only bought from them in their shops in shanghai) :)

  2. it always interesting to see their products and campaign, ordinary yet extraordinary at the same time : )

  3. glad they've got them here!

    have you seen my video post over here?

  4. oh how i miss Muji! I used to buy so much from there when I lived in Japan....Such nice simple things. I've purchased so many things from there...pens, furniture, make-up, soup, pens, clothes...I could live in Muji (^_*)

  5. Aren't they fab? I bought some for my brother on his return from NY and they look great!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  6. Cool! I actually have the New York skyline! Muji is one of my favourite stores. So many treats and I adore it's simplicity.