buy: jewellery and decorative embroidery by neawear. too much awesomeness! see my christmas wish list published at my favourite blog daydream lily. and yesss this is definitely an addition to the list, i would have included this there should i find this earlier!

see: piero fornasetti's collection. keep an eye on his extraordinary artworks on different kinds of fashion accessories, furnitures and other decorative objects. every single piece is a master piece, i've always been a huge fan. you can buy some of fornasetti products here.

see: beautiful photos by cari ann wayman. are you feeling the music?

p.s. i have now created a facebook page for See Hear Say. please join in, your support is much much appreciated! :)

see: ballet photography by cade martin. it's like a beautiful dreamland.

buy: keep cup. because they're cool, you can customise the colours and they're reusable! keep cup and think of our environment. i'm sure you'll enjoy your coffee even more!
monday i'm feeling blue and cloudy. but these cloudy artworks make me happy.

see: on cloud nine, a video promotion for neiman marcus.

see: clouds in the bedroom by sarah murray.

see: beautiful photo with cloud by carl kleiner

see: dreaming by bene bess.

see: indoor weather as spotted at monster munch but there's not much info there, i couldn't really figure out whose work is this fabulous art. can anyone help?

buy: preshafruit juices. i saw them at the supermarket and fell in love with the packaging straight away i just have to buy them! what could have been better than a healthy refreshing juice in a super cool bottle for one hot sunny day?

just sharing a few photos from my trip to hunter valley 2 weeks ago :) happy weekend.

see: kings of convenience live show video in paris. i saw this at ktinka's blog last night and i just have to re-post! the best ever.

updated: due to the video is not available anymore, i've put in the same video posted from vimeo. enjoy!

buy: pretty dresses by milk from a thistle *gasppp* i don't actually wear skirts or dresses that much, i do like fashion although it's not really my thing. but really, who could resist these gorgeous dresses??

see: photos by sarah bernhard. the first picture is published on frankie's first annual photo book the photo album. how's your weekend so far lovelies?

see: le ballon video. cute animation.

buy: ban.do for your special occasions *via jodeska*. happy melbourne cup for all of you who are in australia! have a nice day, enjoy the race and hope your horse wins!

see: blanca gómez's works. simple. clean. creative. adorable. have a nice sunday!
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