Tuesday, July 28, 2009


see: beautiful photos from essi's blog bangkoking.

so for those of you who probably haven't heard, soon i'll be leaving the busy advertising agency life. i'm taking a small break and.. i've booked a flight to thailand!! if anyone has gone there before, please do let me know any good places you'd like to recommend. it's going to be a short trip, so we're trying to decide whether we should go to the islands at andaman sea or the gulf of thailand cause we won't have enough time to go to both. help?

personal moon

see: personal moon project by russian artists leonid tishkov and boris bendikov. i want one to bring home please! i saw these photos several times and wanted to post this for so long, how amazing is this project? it's a shame that i don't understand any of the words written on the site!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

giveaway: earrings by serena bianco

see: serena bianco's jewellery collection from italy. every piece was created with love using the art of tatting, which is an old family tradition that serena learnt from her grandmother. to buy her products please contact serena here.

so this is the little surprise i was talking about in this post; i have a pair of serena's pretty purple earrings for giveaway. i'd like to take this opportunity to get to know you a bit better! all you need to do to win this is to comment on this post before 31 july 2009 and tell me which city / country are you from?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

lisa mitchell

listen: coin laundry by lisa mitchell. i love the clip too, sweet and quirky. *via jodeska*

Sunday, July 12, 2009

anne aimee nathan

see: the home of aimee bayliss (pr for ksubi), nathan smith (designer) and anne ryan (fashion pr) as seen at the selby. cool and trendy with a touch of vintage bits here and there!

ugh, i've got a few things to take photos and share with you all but i haven't had a chance to do it, by the time i can relax at home the light has already gone and not really ideal to take photos :( please be patient, been a bit slow at catching up with you all lately, but stay tuned, i've got a small surprise to post soonish. hope you all had have a lovely weekend.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

lu flux

shop: lu flux clothing as seen at the latest frankie magazine. i mean, how cute are these!
and btw SeeHearSay received another blog award, thanks kevin!