see: eleanor hardwick's photos, found her via N.E.E.T magazine i posted last time. *gasp* for such gorgeous photos. *gasp* for her list of exhibitions and clients. another *gasp* that this talented girl is fifteen years old and she only started photography at the age of twelve!!

no links on this post folks, just want to share you my sunday afternoon :) it was a lovely weather outside so i decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood. see a few more other photos here. hope you all have had a lovely weekend!

visit: curvy 2009, an annual exhibition featuring female graphic artists and illustrators around the world brought by YEN magazine. i've never been to any of the previous exhibitions before, but it all sounds very exciting. launch is on thursday 2nd april 2009, 8 - 11pm at mori gallery sydney. more info here.

*update: i just got back from the launch night, there were awesome artworks displayed. amongst the favourites are bec winnel, melissa haslam and kareena zerefos. i bought the latest book too. stop by if you're happen to be around sydney these days.

see: video of this great campaign by puma lift. very very cool! *thanks cioty!*

see: eyelids, an award winning short film by look at rubbish. this lovely story is based on a children's book written by brad bischoff; he's one of the writer/director in the production house itself. sweet and beautiful! have a good weekend everyone.

see: interesting projects by fc united - collaboration works by photographer carl kleiner and artist fredrik evensen from sweden. i love the simplicity.

visit: for fritlo lay dips and chips campaign. *thanks for the link jo!* isn't it just the cutest website! very smart concept and the site is just beautifully executed with its interactive animations, game features and adorable commercial videos. i think this one is my favourite:

read: N.E.E.T. magazine. full of fashion and photography and other knicks-knacks and inspiring articles. i am smitten. this is issue #014 already? how can i just find out about this recently??

see / listen : her morning elegance by oren lavie. everyone might have already seen this stop motion video by now. but it's just so good that i have to post it again here! love the song too! p.s. i'm now available on twitter. nothing much there yet though..

see: the selby. i love photos and i love taking a peek at people's houses / apartments. and this brilliant site gives both.

visit: monster children gallery presents 'predator' and 'home alone' - a double feature photo show by the cobrasnake and the selby. yay, they're in sydney! opening night is on 6th march at 6pm.

visit: the bathers' pavilion at balmoral beach, sydney. we had lunch there yesterday, good food, good atmosphere, nice place and nice view right in front of the beach. been there for dinner too. hope you all have had a great weekend.
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