Tokyo, another round

Here are the highlights of my trip to Tokyo (yes I have been here quite a few times) back in October 2018.

Just summing up a lot of food repeats (pretty much the same food from this post) plus some new favourites here:

Ichiran ramen
Obana - unagi restaurant
Tatsunoya - best tsukemen
Negishi - grilled ox tongue
Kaneko Hannosuke - tempura don
Harrits - donuts and coffee
Sora-to-Kumo-to - a very small bakery that sells bagels

Some fun stuff to check out:

It's a very touristy place but it's also very very good if you haven't been before. It's a spa / onsen house but they also have plenty of choices of restaurants and snacks and souvenir shops inside. Everyone has to wear yukata (Japanase bath robe) which is cute.

I've seen teamlab's exhibitions a few times before - during my trip in Taipei and they had an exhibition in Sydney too before. Always love their work and creativity and I've never get tired of it. This Borderless exhibition however is next level, it is such a HUGE venue and it's like a rabbit hole where you could just get lost and find new installations in every corner you turn. Highly recommended. Handy tip: Buy tickets ahead of time, they get sold out easily. And don't schedule too many things on the day as you might spend hours in this exhibition (not to mention the lining up to get in, regardless you have bought tickets in advance).

You guys, I just love Japan. Would really love to go back.


  1. How lovely. I will be going on my fourth trip to Tokyo in three weeks and cannot wait. I also can never get enough of the place. Also, how amazing are those public bathrooms!



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