Daintree Rainforest

This was possibly one of the most expensive trips I've allowed myself to splurge on. Seriously it was worth every single cent I spent. It was unusual of me to not step outside the resort at all during the whole trip, but all for the valid reasons:

a) I was travelling with Jo who was heavily pregnant at that time

b) It was raining, which we embraced thoroughly with open and joyful heart (Yes. Really.)

c) The resort we stayed at Silky Oaks Lodge (definitely super highly recommended) has everything we need. Everything. From food, the spa, the riverside and rainforest that we could walk around and explore, really cosy room, lounge and library. Oh, and great toiletries supplied in the room - this is highly valued in my book.

Such a shame we didn't get to swim in the river because it was raining and so in most area the water was quite muddy and not so clear. I was still enjoying this trip regardless and it was the most relaxing trip I've had since forever. This trip was 1.5 year ago already but scrolling through the photos and compiling my short video reminds my how great this trip was and self note to slow down and be in nature more, it's okay to not do much, it's okay to splurge on getting spa treatments and massages.