colour blocking DIY

painted wooden bowl tutorial by chasing our sunshine

painted dipped wooden spoons by house & hold

brighten up your mops, brooms and gardening tools by hello brit

 dipped sideboard by the sweet beast

colour blocked wooden cutlery by studio DIY

who said colour blocking is only for fashion? i think colour blocking is so much more fun to play with interior design! here are a few great DIY tutorials to make your home prettier, all found via the most awesome pinterest account that i subscribe to: hello tiger.

the closer it is to the day when we're going to start renovation and move in to our new place. and the more i look into different interior magazines, blogs and pinterest vigurously to look for inspirations. if you have any interior or DIY blogs or links that you can recommend please let me know!


  1. This looks so fun to try! Millions of things to color block, but so little time! :) thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this! Especially the spoons and the desk.

  3. this is flipping fabulous!
    can't get enough of the cutlery!
    PERFECT post and perfect blog! x

  4. I'm going to check this Pinterest board! :)

  5. That gives me ideas for an old wooden table I have...

  6. These look so fun! Great project idea

  7. ooh cute!
    what a great idea for house hold items!!
    well wood items for sure! hehe

  8. I'm not much help with design blogs and interiors I'm afraid :) I'm a huge fan of colour blocking though!

  9. The paint-dipped wooden spoons are so good. I really want to try and do this with some of my kitchen utensils.

    Happy weekend, Laura!

  10. I adore that paint dipped entry table. I've been looking for a way to incorporate coral into my next apartment with out making it look like a baby's room - modern style furnishing must be the trick.


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