Let's talk about photography.

My photography journey has gone through different phases. There was a phase where I got really into it and I bought a beginner level of DSLR, took up a photography course, organised photoshoots with friends and stuff. I carried my DSLR around with me almost all the time.

But then slowly I got lazy to carry such heavy bulky camera, I wasn't really happy with how my photos turned up and I moved my photography interest into lomography - little plastic film cameras that come in different funky colourful shapes. There was excitement getting my films developed, not knowing what I would get. There were good photos and there were meh, there were failures on a whole roll of film or two. It was the real analogue Instagram filters effect on the photos developed that made it all exciting.

And then... here comes the smartphones phase. All the convenience and instant shoot and post within just a few finger taps. I swapped all of my old cameras to one small simple Sony compact camera. It's enough and does the job, I only used it mostly when I travel.

I have to admit, when it comes to pursuing hobbies I am one that gets bored quite easily. For me personally though, regardless what cameras I used (I seem to downgrade throughout the time, whether it was a DSLR, a lomo, a smartphone, a simple compact point and shoot), photography has always been around me at all times. I'm a visual person and I love capturing moments and memories in this form.

Let me close my rambling by sharing with you a personal favourite shot as a part of #VantagePoint, a project by Light, which by the way a new light weight small camera of the size of a phone with new technology that would give you SLR quality shots. Sounds like a little gem that I need to keep an eye on when they release the product later this year.

Taken with: Sony DSC-RX100 ~ ISO: 125 ~ Apperture: 5.6 ~ Shutter speed: 1/400

Location: Yosemite National Park

I mean, this place is so beautiful that I think any photos taken would just turn up great. But put photography techniques and all that aside, this one in particular is my favourite because I love the composition and the colours and I'm really happy with how this turned up. The river and the reflection give some depth and make the picture more dramatic, it also emphasises the colour the sky, the rocks and the colour changing trees at the start of autumn a bit more too. I found this image calming and soothing, it brings me back the memories of when I was travelling to Yosemite, quiet and peaceful. It gives me zen when I look at it. When a picture gives a certain feeling or triggers a memory, then I think (I hope) I did a good job. And it's not very often that I said I love my own photos ha, this one though remains a favourite that it has been staying on my iPhone lock screen since 2 years ago when I took this photo.

What about your stories? What photos are you taking? What cameras do you take photos with (if not your smartphone) and do you carry your camera with you all the time? For other amazing #VantagePoint shots, check out their Pinterest board.