Japan part 3: Kyoto

Oh what can I say about Kyoto. Being a first timer to visit Japan, for me Kyoto was the most beautiful place I've seen the whole trip. All the scenery, the shrines and temples, the bamboo forest and cherry blossom trees were all so overwhelmingly pretty. I only did all the touristy activities of course, and there were just too many tourists everywhere - a little too crowded for my liking, but Kyoto was a wonderful place regardless and it was all very zen and beyond what I expected it to be. 

Just highlighting places I've visited, not in any particular order: Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Tenryu-Ji, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kinkaku-Ji or the Golden Pavilion, Gion. Argh. Everything was just so pretty.

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, was in my bucket list for so long!
Arashiyama Bamboo Forest
Tenryu Ji, the closest temple near the bamboo forest
The garden at Tenryu Ji with all the different types of cherry blossom trees
Tenryu Ji
Tenryu Ji
Tenryu Ji
Tenryu Ji
Tenryu Ji, oh gosh I took so many photos here, couldn't help myself the whole complex is so pretty
Tenryu Ji, where every ordinary corner is just pretty and full of cherry blossoms during spring
Tenryu Ji, last snap before we were heading off
Kinkaku Ji, another beautiful temple but we didn't arrive early enough to enjoy the zen without too many tourists
Kinkaku Ji, not sure if you could see in the background, there were literally tourists everywhere
Kinkaku Ji, in between the hills
Wishing plagues at Kinkaku Ji
Fully bloomed at one random corner of the streets of Kyoto. I'm losing it.
I didn't really take many pictures of the food because I was too busy eating. But this is one of the delicious food I had at Gion, where we stayed during our visit. Oh, we also spotted a real geisha *we think* who ran off and walked super quickly and disappeared in one corner before we even had a chance to take a photo of her.
Fushimi Inari, another of my bucket list ticked off
Fushimi Inari, again we didn't arrive early enough to avoid tourists.. but taking snaps from the outer side of the gates is pretty okay too.
Wooden wishing plagues at Fushimi Inari
So many of these mochis were sold, I'm pretty sure I took this photo at Fushimi Inari as well